Luminar AI 1.0.1 Update behebt 77 Bugs und kommt mit weiteren Verbesserungen

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    Von Luminar habe ich gerade den Hinweis bekommen, dass sie das Update auf Luminar AI 1.0.1 zur Verfügung stellen. Mit der Behebung von über 70 Bugs ist die Version sicher stabiler als die erste Version von Luminar AI. Bei der Bedienung bzw. bei den Features haben sich auch einige Dinge geändert. Eine genaue Beschreibung findet man in den Release Notes:

    The first LuminarAI update is here. Check out what’s new!

    We’re proud to present the first update to LuminarAI. Thanks to your helpful feedback and endless support, our team has brought you an even better and more refined version of LuminarAI. In this update, we’ve focused on smoothing out the editing flow and fixing the most common bugs. Let’s dive right into the changes!

    What’s new?

    A more convenient Edit panel layout

    In LuminarAI 1.0.1, you’ll find a more comfortable Edit panel layout with all of the Edit tools in one list. The Essential, Creative, Portrait, and Pro tools are divided into color-coded categories, but there’s no need to switch between tabs. You’ll have all the tools you need to create masterpieces at your fingertips!

    New pop-up when clicking the Import icon

    Enjoy a more intuitive and comfortable interface when importing photos, thanks to the visual back-up. Just click the plus icon in the toolbar and choose whether you’d like to add a folder or add a single image. Importing images has never been easier.

    EnhanceA I opens by default

    The EnhanceA I tool is now first in the Edit tools list and opens by default when you access the Edit panel. It’s easy to improve a photo with just one EnhanceA I slider.

    For This Photo: Easily scroll through suggested Templates

    Now you can comfortably scroll using the Templates in the For This Photo section using the left and right arrows to choose the AI-recommended smart Template that works best for your photo.

    Redesigned Toning tool

    The Toning tool now has Shadows and Highlights buttons and matches the design of other LuminarAI tools.

    Helpful tooltips added throughout the software

    Hover over the icons in LuminarAI and you can now learn what each feature does and how it can help you make better images. Explore LuminarAI in a new way and find all the tools you need.

    Localization improvements

    We’ve improved the localizations in French, German, and Japanese. Another plus: The names of Templates in History are now localized!

    To top it all off, we caught some bugs!

    In total, we’ve caught and fixed 111 bugs! Here are the fixes that will definitely improve your

    LuminarAI experience.

    On macOS:

    • Export photos and replace existing files in folders without crashes
    • Move subfolders within a folder without a hitch
    • Use Clone & Stamp on zoomed photos and enjoy a smooth result, without any artifacts or crashes
    • Smoothly switch between Template previews with no more overlapping of the previous and next Templates preview
    • Add PNG files to your textures in the Local Masking tool
    • Use Cmd+Z or Undo in the Erase tool to go back one step instead of removing all previous adjustments
    • The SkyA I tool now shows all images in the Custom list, including images with the TIFF or TIF extension
    • Install LuminarAI as a plugin in Lightroom and Photoshop in a beat without duplicate files in the plugin folder

    On Windows:

    • No more issues with working in the Edit panel, when the screen is scaled to 150% and you're viewing in full HD
    • Apply changes in the Optics tool and switch to other tools without loss of image sharpness
    • Experience a smooth, crash-free migration from Luminar 4 even if the Looks folder is inaccessible
    • Achieve a realistic background blend when adding your custom Objects in PNG format using Augmented SkyA I
    • ...And more!

    We hope you enjoy the steadier and smoother experience.

    How to update

    LuminarAI 1.0.1 is a free update for all LuminarAI users. On macOS, you can update by clicking on LuminarAI in the top menu bar and choosing Check for updates. On Windows, you can update by clicking LuminarAI in the left-hand corner, then choose Help > Check for updates.

    If you’re running LuminarAI as a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or Photoshop Elements, we recommend you also rerun the plugin installer.

    If you have any questions, you can refer to our expanded user manual with a handy search feature.

    We’re delighted to present this free LuminarAI 1.0.1 update to make your photo editing experience in LuminarAI faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable. We’ve worked hard to fix bugs and make your editing workflow smoother and more convenient. Enjoy creating masterpieces in LuminarAI and sharing them with the world!

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